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Burlesque 11 “Inferno” (2023) Auditions by Appointment Only, Friday February 3rd at 6:00pm

Auditions for Burlesque 11: “Inferno”

by appointment only

Friday February 3rd 2023 at 6:00pm

EPAC’s BURLESQUE is holding auditions for performers for their annual Burlesque show, at the Endicott Performing Arts Center at 102 Washington Ave in Endicott on Friday February 3rd at 6:00pm

Fun, sexy & always daring - EPAC Burlesque will be “going down’’ and exploring the flaming pits of the Inferno in their 11th production.

Those intending to audition must set up an appointment. Times can be scheduled by emailing

Once a time is verified, we expect you to come the day of and on time with a prepared routine, to any song of your choosing. (1 verse and 1 chorus no longer than 1m minute). Following your solo audition, short group choreography will be provided.

Burlesque 11: “Inferno” is directed by Andrew Bailey, with April Warner serving as assistant director. Joining Andrew & April as choreographers are Linda Monaco, Tanya Morris, Lily Creech, Alery Paton, Kim Ross, Michael Carlson, Jessica McManamon & Erin Gopie.

Jackson Bailey will return as host Ginger Vitus.

Rehearsals start: Wednesday February 15th

At the Endicott Performing Arts Center

Wednesdays & Fridays - 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Sunday rehearsals start March 19th (10:00am-2:00pm)

Performance dates for Burlesque 11: “Inferno”

May 4th, 5th , and 6th with 8:00pm show times.

For any questions & ore details please visit

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