We’re Re-Opening! EPAC 2021!

The Endicott Performing Arts Center is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide an affordable and high quality venue to local, regional and touring performing artists, enabling them to present, develop, & improve their artistic efforts.
Over the past 23 years, EPAC has: Renovated and Operated out of the 104 year old “Lyric Theater” in Endicott, NY. To provide a means for thousands of community members to gain education about all aspects of the performing arts, while presenting a diverse array of affordable high quality performing arts events to our community. EPAC typically attracts over 20,000 people to the Arts Center every year, as well as hundreds of people to the outdoor “Stage at Little Italy” with its annual Shakespeare in the Park event at the George W. Johnson Park.


These are just a few examples of how EPAC has been able to make a difference in our community through out the years.

Except for the year 2020, when the Coronavirus Pandemic caused EPAC to shut its doors for the first time in over 20 years. EPAC had to cancel many LIVE EVENTS during the shut down. The Kids Theater Workshop of “Beauty and the Beast”, and the Repertory Company production of “Camelot”, were in the middle of their projects when the pandemic hit and both had to be cancelled. The EPAC Kids Summer shows “Descendants” and “Be More Chill” were cancelled. The Classic Fairy Tale “Sleeping Beauty” and Classic American Drama “Streetcar Named Desire” were also can-celled. The annual Shakespeare in the Park event was cancelled for the first time in 15 years, and the EPAC School of Performing Arts was closed for over six months, and is slowly recovering. EPAC was able to reinvent itself by creating a new on-line platform called EPAC DIGITAL, that will allow the organization to continue its mission while expanding its audience. This new Video Streaming Program will allow audiences from around the world to experience EPAC productions from the comfort of their own homes.

EPAC Digital is able to create revenue through on-line donations, ticket sales and registrations. EPAC will produce full LIVE Streaming theatrical productions with on-line ticket sales, donation based Virtual Fundraiser Events, as well as educational classes shows and workshops, all through EPAC Digital. The New On-line Digital Platform is allowing EPAC to survive the pandemic, and none of it would have been possible without the support of our Donors, Sponsors and patrons.


In that spirit, we ask you to please support EPAC’s efforts this upcoming season with a gift to our Annual Appeal. Your donation will assist us in preserving this over 100 year-old regional landmark and continue to provide our community with high quality performing arts at an affordable price, ON-LINE and LIVE in Person!

We hope you will consider a tax deductible donation to our annual appeal, Thank you for your support of the arts!

See you at the theater SOON!!
(2021 Sponsorships for business, and Advertising in the EPAC Program Book is also available)