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EPAC is Celebrating its 25th Anniversary in 2023, having been established in 1998 as a non-profit organization. The EPAC Repertory Co. has produced many productions every year over that time, as well as many other theater groups under the EPAC umbrella. This is just a list of the most memorable EPAC productions over the last 25 years.

An advanced community theater that is a wonderful place to see a show or perform or learn your craft. Run by a wonderful family!

Very impressive place! A great selection of classes and offerings for kids of all ages!

Always enjoy the productions I've seen at EPAC. A true asset to our community. I wish more people would take advantage of their quality productions and services.

There are so many talented people in our community. I enjoy seeing them in other performances and in different roles. I look forward to more of the plays which local performers will be featured.

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