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Kids Theater Workshops Registration

Thank you for your interest in the Kids Theater Workshop.  Your registration is not complete until a payment has been received.  This must be completed within 7 days.  If you need assistance, please contact the office at 607.785.8903 or

There are two payment areas below: 

  • If you are registering only one child, please use the Single Tuition section. 

  • If you are registering more than one child, please use the Multiple Tuition section. 

  • To add more than one tuition to the cart, please click Add to Cart (+) to increase quantity. 

  • Please remember to include each child's name in the box below the term selection.


You may view and update your cart by using the View Cart button to the right.

For One Student paying FULL Tuition ($20 discount)

or one Student per semester, 2 payments of $225

Single Student Tuition

For Siblings paying Full and Partial Tuition

Multiple Student Tuitions

For Partial Payments (per semester)

NOTE:  Please add one tuition payment for each child.  If you have 3 children participating, you should add 3 full tuitions to the cart, or 3 semester tuitions to the cart.  Please be sure to add the child's name to each tuition added to the cart.

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