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SRO/Vortex Presents "GRIPPED"


The Endicott Performing Arts Center: SRO Vortex presents "GRIPPED"

October 20th, 21st & 22nd

(Friday and Saturday, at 7:30pm, and Sunday at 2pm)

Tickets are ON-SALE NOW!

Reserved Seating: $20

(proceeds to benefit I'm Dope w/out Dope)

EPAC Box Office:, or call (607)785-8903

S.R.O. production III's dance company Vortex will present "GRIPPED" a staged performance that will focus on the effects of drug and alcohol and how it can take hold of someone's life.

Help us spread awareness and help fight the addiction problem that has a Grip on our community. Through song and dance we will explore this world and send a message to break free from a life of addiction!

SRO's dance company VORTEX was formed with the intent to create enriching performances to raise money for and introduce people to local charities in our area that need help.

This year, Vortex would like to help I'm Dope without Dope get their message out. To help them reach our community and continue to raise awareness about the devastating problem of addiction that is right here in our neighborhoods.

I'm Dope With-out Dope was created to bring awareness and educate people about the risks of opiate and heroin addiction. To demonstrate that addiction has no face and help end the stigma attached to the problem. The group works to reach those in the community that have been affected and show them that recovery is achievable. They strive to empower children to make positive decisions that will keep them from choosing a life of addiction.

Addiction comes in many forms and knows no boundaries. It crosses all economic and social classes. It can devastate families and ruin communities.

We believe using the arts to portray the human condition and emotions can be a powerful tool. It is the company's hope to get the attention of the public and help raise awareness about this growing problem.

All proceeds from the performances will go to I'm Dope Without Dope so they can continue to spread their message.

We believe that together we can best fight this growing problem that is affecting our local community.

Tickets On-Sale Now

Endicott Performing Arts Center - Robert Eckert Theater

102 Washington Ave. Endicott, NY 13760

EPAC Box Office (Mon. - Fri. / 9am - 5pm)


The mission of EPAC is to promote the arts to the public through various artistic mediums such as musicals, plays, children and adult theater workshops, concerts, and performing arts instruction. EPAC's vision is the continued restoration of the Historical "Lyric" theater which was built in 1917 through the offering of artistic mediums to local community, schools, groups, and associations for theatrical performances, educational purposes, special events and training programs. EPAC also strives to continually provide the highest quality musical theater, comedy, dance, and dramatic theater experiences, by promoting an ethnically diverse array of local artists and talent in order to expand the artistic horizons and experiences of the local community. EPAC will continue to be guided by its principles and commitments to inclusiveness, respecting people, valuing diversity, and equality.

General Operating Support is provided to the Endicott Performing Arts Center by a grant from the Broome County Arts Council's United Cultural Fund.

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