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EPAC's Got Talent Finalists Announced

Congratulations to all of our performers!

​Finalists for EPACs Got Talent have been decided by our panel of judges.

Please join us Saturday evening, January 27th at 8pm and watch our finalists compete for the crown and EPAC Prizes!


Lastasya Shaw

Hope Riale

Estella Haven

Samara de Souza

Isabella Kogut

Ally Kennedy

Parker Dzuba

Alexis VanTassel


Hannah Brink

Lonnie Brown

Anthony Drake

Tonya Pierce

EPAC would like to thank all the talented semi-final contestants with one complementary ticket for EPACs GOT TALENT 2018 FINALS. Please come and support the contestants who will be performing in the Finals. The FINALS will take place Saturday, January 27th at 8pm.

*$5 & $10 general admission tickets are available for friends and family*

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