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EPAC presents "Summer of '42" (2006) on YouTube

Click to watch on YouTube
Click this image to be taken to the video on YouTube.

Click the images above to be taken to videos on YouTube.

In honor of the 20th Anniversary of the Endicott Performing Arts Center, we are pleased to release the full performance of the "Summer of '42" (2006). The video is presented in 2 separate acts organized into a single playlist for your viewing enjoyment.

To watch the video, please visit the EPAC YouTube channel or click the images above.

The mission of EPAC is to promote the arts to the public through various artistic mediums such as musicals, plays, children and adult theater workshops, concerts, and performing arts instruction. EPAC's vision is the continued restoration of the Historical "Lyric" theater which was built in 1917 through the offering of artistic mediums to local community, schools, groups, and associations for theatrical performances, educational purposes, special events and training programs. EPAC also strives to continually provide the highest quality musical theater, comedy, dance, and dramatic theater experiences, by promoting an ethnically diverse array of local artists and talent in order to expand the artistic horizons and experiences of the local community. EPAC will continue to be guided by its principles and commitments to inclusiveness, respecting people, valuing diversity, and equality.

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