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EPAC Audition Notice: Disney’s "NEWSIES", Registration STILL OPEN

EPAC Audition Notice: Disney’s "NEWSIES"

SUMMER Kids Theater Workshop

Mon. June 18 – Fri. June 22, from 5-6pm

The EPAC Kids Theater Workshop will hold scheduled AUDITIONS by APPOINTMENT only.

Please CALL or EMAIL to confirm Audition day ASAP!

(607)785-8903 or

MUST BE Paid Enrollment to this Summers’ KTW

Audition Material is available on–line and at EPAC

Audition Song (Santa Fe)

Measures 1 - 31

(Prepare one short monologue)

-less than 1 minute-

(Click link above for CAST/VOCAL REQUIRMENTS)

Workshop starts:Monday, June 25th

Show dates: August 9th – 12th

For any questions & more details (607)785-8903

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