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Devin Spears Basket Raffle Winners, and Scholarship Application Deadline (5/20)


All proceeds from the basket raffle benefit the "Devin Spears Memorial Scholarship Fund". The fund awards scholarships to local graduating high school seniors pursuing higher education in the arts. Since its inception, the EPAC Devin Spears Scholarship Fund has awarded over $45,000 in scholarships to graduating high school seniors.

Graduating High School Seniors pursuing a career in the arts should contact their high school guidance counselor or CLICK-HERE for scholarship application forms. The Application Deadline is May 20th, 2019.


Treat Yourself Well (60 min. Massage) - Zevan

Tri-Cities Opera Tickets (2) - L. Schumacher

Beyond the Stage Photo - Moe Helms

The Galley Giftcards ($40) - Wendy Stafford

Chenango County Coach Gift Cert. ($250) - Dzuba

Mickey's Kitchen - Dzuba

Crayola Explosion - Yeager

Shrek "Color" - Marilyn Gaska

Shrek "Black & White" - Adam B.

Chocolates by Leopold - Marcia Cotton

Kids Lunch & Fun - Pennie M.

Little Shop Garden - Pat Foti

Breakfast Basket - Maurer

Easter Basket - Donna Kross

Strategy & Adventure - Ron Nesh

"Mangia" - Shirly Goodman

In For the Night - Derek

Bow Wow - Tom Gaska

Italian Dinner - Jocelyn Whittemore

Coffee & Chocolate - Bernie Villielm

Target Gift Card ($50) - Molly S. C.

Forced Family Fun - Mason Poluka

Sweet Night In - Chris Kunto

EPAC Aladdin Jr. - Adam B.

Hazlitt Wine - Brenda Ferris

Think Spring Garden - Leslie Santi

Wine, Wine, Wine - Denny H.

Sewing and Knitting - L. Schumacher

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the raffle and Congratulations to the winners! Please pick up your baskets at your earliest convenience.

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