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RENT - School Edition - CAST List

The EPAC Teen Theater Workshop announces the Cast List for "Rent" School Edition. Thank you to everyone who auditioned for this years teen intensive takeover. Congratulations!

Roger - Scott Newman

Mark - Ryan Hillary

Collins - Forrest Dorn

Angel - Isis Minni

Mimi - Carlyle Daranyi

Joanne - Léa Ackley

Maureen - Estella Webb

Benny - Liam McCabe

Ensemble - Seraphina Blasich, Emma DeVita, Sadie Dutcher, Aly Gell, Madison Gilbert, Garrett Hills, Kayden Lewis, Jameson MacNamee, Chelsea Packard, Jessica Taylor, Skye LaFountain, Lauren Aiken, John Cook, Asher Forsyth, David Gilbert, Alanna Iannone, Shyla Jackson, AJ Patrick, Zoey Steele, Madison Davis

The Teen Theater Workshop starts Monday, June 24th at 9am at EPAC. Be prepared.

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