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Audition Results: CAST List Announced

The EPAC Repertory Co. is proud to announce,

Audition Results: To Kill A Mockingbird - CAST LIST

Jean Louise Finch - Jean Graham

Scout - Sadie Dutcher

Jem - Timothy Dreher

Atticus - Chris Nickerson

Calpurnia - Shannah Hall

Maudie Atkinson - Andrea Gregori

Stephanie Crawford - Paula Bacorn

Mrs. Dubose - Dianna Wayman

Nathan Radley - Peyton Hawkes

Boo Radley - Jamie Cook

Dill - Adam Buchanan

Heck Tate - Eli Carlin

Judge Taylor - Rick Kumpon

Reverend Sykes - Steve Taylor

Mayella Ewell - Stefanie Jump

Bob Ewell - Jon Campbell

Walter Cunningham - Mike Clark

Mr. Gilmer - Dustin VanTassel

Tom Robinson - Calvin Mayo

Townspeople/Farmers - Jada Newman, Alex Ernst, Scott Newman, Isis Minni, Chelsea Packard, Mike Clark, Bob Donlin, Eric Fernandez, Lorelei Cole, Hillori Schenker, John Stephens, Faith Stephens, Debbie Mallen, Kevin Yeager, Leah Riquier

Thank you to everyone who auditioned. Please confirm your acceptance of your role by commenting or calling EPAC. Congratulations!

CLICK-HERE for Show Info.

Rehearsals start: Monday, August 12th, 2019

Rehearsals will be held:

Mondays & Wednesdays 7pm - 9pm

Rehearsals will be held at The Robert Eckert Theater,located in The Endicott Performing Arts Center, 102 Washington Ave. Endicott, NY.

Show dates: September 20th - 22nd

Performances will be held at The Robert Eckert Theater,

located in The Endicott Performing Arts Center,

102 Washington Ave. Endicott, NY.

For any questions & more details


General Operating Support is provided to the Endicott Performing Arts Center by a grant from the Broome County Arts Council's United Cultural Fund

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