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EPAC is proud to announce its' 2020 Theatrical Season!

Featuring the EPAC Repertory Company, Kids Theater Workshops, the Teen Summer Workshop, Shakespeare in the Park and in Space, the Classic American Literature series, and much much more

Songs for a New World

EPAC Repertory Co.

(February 14th - 16th)

The Tempest '3000'

Shakespeare in Space

(March 6th - 8th)

Lerner & Loew's CAMELOT

EPAC Repertory Co.

(April 2nd - 5th)

Disney's Beauty and the Beast

Kids Theater Workshop

(April 23rd - May 3rd)

90's Rewind

EPAC Burlesque #9

(May 14th - 16th)

Classic Fairy Tales Series - TBA

(June 19th - 21st)

Be More Chill

Teen Summer Workshop

(July 16th - 18th)

The Music Man

EPAC Repertory Co.

(July 23rd - 26th)

Disney's The Descendant's*

Kids Summer Workshop

(August 6th - 9th)

Midsummer Night's Dream

Shakespeare in the Park - Youth Troupe

(August 13th - 16th)

A Streetcar Named Desire

Classic American Literature

(September 18th - 20th)

EPAC's Trick or Treat... Take a Seat

October 30th & 31st

The Who's TOMMY

EPAC Repertory Co.

(November 12th - 15th)

EPAC Holiday Musical - TBA

(December 4th - 6th)

The Nutcracker

EPAC Rep. Co. & The FUSE Dance Studio

(December 11th - 13th)

*Rights Pending

For more info on tickets, auditions, EPAC Productions and Projects, EPAC Kids Theater Workshops, or anything else offered at the Center please call EPAC (607)785-8903

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