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Oliver Audition Results: Cast List Announced


Oliver Twist – Jack Wolf

Fagin – Mark Roth

The Artful Dodger – Asher VanTassel

Bill Sikes – Eli Carlin

Nancy – Megan Germond

Bet – Madison Gilbert

Mr. Bumble – Jarod Hinton

Mrs. Corney – Andrea Gregori

Mr. Brownlow – Yancey Moore

Mr. Sowerberry – Dustin VanTassel

Mrs. Sowerberry – Wendy Germond

Charlotte – Louise Hetzlein

Noah Claypole – Jonathan Hozempa

Dr. Grimwig – Dean Jordan

Mrs. Bedwin – Jada Newman

Old Sally – Deb Mallen

Matron – Kathleen Cook

Charley Bates – Timothy Dreher

Ensemble: David Palmer, Jaclyn Leeson-Schatz, Jamie Cook, Colin Cook, AJ Patrick, Therese Bohn, Kalysa Drury, Rebecca Petrigala, Bob Donlin, Rachel Thompson, Kristina Beacham, Theodore Goss

Workhouse Boys/Fagin’s Kids: Leah Riquier, Shawn Fowler, Rowan Kennedy, Kyle Whitman, Benny Stafford, Billy Stafford, Colin Feheley, Sasana Roberto, Belle Indelicato, Hudson Webb, Saralena Leeson-Schatz, Kyle Santi, Hannah Pierce, Saraphina Blasich, Maia Tripp, Estella Webb, Jerry Ciaravino, Scott Newman, Jameson MacNamee

Thank you to everyone who auditioned! Please accept your Role by calling, commenting, or emailing EPAC. The First Rehearsal will be Tuesday, September 24th at 7pm (607)785-8903,

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