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EPAC Nutcracker: Cast List 2019 Audition Results

EPAC is proud to announce the 2019 Cast List for The Nutcracker

Clara – Alexis VanTassel

Dr. Staumbaum – Dustin VanTassel

Mrs. Staumbaum – Kate Fabrizio

Fritz / Soldier – Asher VanTassel

Heir Drosselmeir – Matt Gaska

Drosselmeir’s Nephew/Soldier – John E. Cook

The Maid – Hailey Merrick

Mother Ginger – Michelle Colburn

The Grandmother – Wendy Germond

The Toy Soldier Doll / Soldier – Madison Burton

The Jester Doll / Soldier – Parker Dzuba

The Ballerina Doll / Soldier – Lucia Foti

King Rat: Scott Newman

The Nutcracker: Kayden Lewis

The Parents: Chris Szachta, Sergio Harris Jr., Scott Newman, Pat Foti, Julie Feheley, Seraphina Blasich, Tamera Inderick, Pennie Merrick

Party Kids, Rats, Soldiers, Angels and Polichinelles:

Eva Nunez, Brooke Weiland, Payton Weiland, Gianna Lanza, Ella Brown, Sophie Colburn, Elsa Hartman, Colin Feheley, Benny Stafford, Shane Palmer, Michael Jones, Asher Kurtz, Daniel Fish, Liam Weiland, Malory Packard, Paige Nabywaniec-Reid, Emma Jo Weiland, Sadie Parsons, Caelyn Szachta, Melody Packard, Kateri Fish, Rachel Thompson, Kalysa Drury, Rosalie McNally, Chelsea Packard, Ava Merrick, Mason Dzuba, Alex Dzuba, Anastasia Fish, Cora Pulse, Alsatia Inderick, Elliette Merrick, Millie Feheley, Erin Fish

Congratulations to everyone who auditioned! Please confirm acceptance of your role by commenting, calling or emailing EPAC. 607-785-8903

Rehearsals take place at EPAC every Saturday from 10am - 12pm, thank you.

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