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OPEN Audition Notice: “Burlesque 9 – 90’s Rewind” Friday February 7th at 6PM

EPAC’s Burlesque is auditioning for Dancers & Performers for ALL ROLES including Solo

Those auditioning shall prepare & present a solo or duet performance piece to a song of their choice no more than 60 seconds in length, and bring either a CD with their music on it, or provide the Director with their song of choice. No more than two performers may audition at a time.

Please note: Due to the excitement and popularity of Burlesque, the cast will be limited to only 30 performers. Auditions, past behavior and availability will all be taken into consideration. Video auditions will no longer be accepted – performers must audition in person. Performers who choose to not present an audition piece, will not be considered for this show.

Burlesque 9 – “90’s Rewind” is a totally rad look back at some of the best songs of the decade, in the fashion of the iconic Burlesque dance show at EPAC. The show will consist of at least 18 dance numbers with varying levels difficulty and style including but not limited to Contemporary, Hip Hop, Tap, and Jazz. Technical dance experience is not required, but audition sheets will ask that any history of dance education and technique be provided.

Director/Lead Choreographer: Andrew Shaul

Co-Director: Jackson Bailey

Choreographers: Tanya Morris, April Warner-Youngs, Linda Monaco, Jessica Hyland, Jenny Delgado, Michael Carlson, Kimberly Musser, & Alery Patton.

Rehearsals start: Wednesday, February 18th, 2020 at 8:00 PM.

Rehearsals will be: Wednesdays (8p-10p), Fridays (7p-9p), Sundays starting March 29th (2p-6p)

Show dates: May 14th, 15th, 16th with Performances Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8 PM.

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