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CAMELOT - CAST LIST Results, EPAC Repertory Co.

The EPAC Repertory Co. is proud to announce the 2020 CAST LIST for CAMELOT!

Arthur – Matthew Gaska

Guenevere – Claire Gerchman

Lancelot – Brian Bowman

Dinadan – Dustin VanTassel

Sagramore – Mike Clark

Lionel – Julian Gjosdeshi

Squire Dap – Yancey Moore

Mordred – Corey Brady

Revelers / Ensemble:

Andrea Gregori

Kate Fabrizio

Deb Mallen

Hillori Schenker

Jada Newman

Thank you to everyone who auditioned, and congratulations to our outstanding cast of characters and ensemble of “Camelot” - Small Cast Version. Please CONFIRM the acceptance of your ROLE by commenting or emailing EPAC ASAP. The first rehearsal is Tuesday February 18th (7pm-9pm) at EPAC.

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