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A Time To Pretend

A Time to Pretend is a small group of parents and educators who love the theatre and appreciate the value of a joyful childhood. They wish to share this passion and joy through their professional traveling shows. The magic of theatre is brought to your schools and can be performed in auditoriums, gymnasiums or even a large classroom. We intend to entertain, inform and educate children Pre-K to 5. Our goal is to introduce great stories that are curriculum based and/or address social issues that your children can relate to. Our shows will encourage participation and interaction. More info, BOCES/EPAC and A Time to Pretend is an innovative, new EPAC program. EPAC is the recipient of numerous Reader's Choice awards and strives to provide a means for local community youth to gain information and education about all aspects of the performing arts. Theatre is an integral component of the human experience and we want to share our joy of "pretending" with your children. What child doesn't want to pretend? For more information on our shows and fees please call Endicott Performing Arts Center 607-785-8903

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