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Auditions by Appointment: "TOMMY" Thursday September 17th (6pm - 9pm)

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Thursday September 17th (6pm - 9pm)

The EPAC Repertory Company will be holding auditions by appointment ONLY for "TOMMY" A VIRTUAL EVENT at the Endicott Performing Arts Center, located at 102 Washington Ave, in Endicott, NY.

Actors and Singers auditioning for ALL ROLES can use Back-Tracks or Sheet Music.

Sheet Music: Must be double sided, 3 hole-punched, and in a binder. Accompany will be provided.

Prepare One Verse and Chorus of Any Song, also (Prepare a monologue) about 1 minute

TOMMY a VIRTUAL ON-LINE EVENT will be produced on EPAC DIGITAL, the new online platform that will allow EPAC to continue its mission by providing high quality performing arts to the ENTIRE Community. With Direction by Pat Foti, Musical Direction by Paula Bacorn and Choreography by Matthew Gaska.

Rehearsal Schedule: Sunday, Sept. 27th – Nov. 11th 2020

Sundays (2 - 6pm), Tuesdays & Thursdays (7 - 9pm)

STREAMING Performances: November 12th – 15th, 2020!

To Schedule Auditions by Appointment:

(607)785-8903 email:

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