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Cast List and Band for the EPAC Rock Project 'Come As You Are' (2024)

EPAC ROCK PROJECT 2024, 'Come As You Are'


Morgan Gostinski, Sandra Esparza Scott, Colin Cook, Dustin Hirthler, Kyle Whitman, Matt Gaska, Josh Wilburn, Dustin VanTassel, Chloe Solan, Stephen Kane, Alex VanTassel, Kim Merlino, Asher VanTassel, Lynette Whitman, Scott Newman, Jesse Snaith, Tabitha Holland, Tyler Vallet 


Lead guitar – Asher VanTassel

Rhythm guitar – Tyler Vallet

Bass guitar – Alex VanTassel

Keys – Adriana Kabat

Drums – Ray Grappone


Congratulations to the cast of The EPAC ROCK PROJECT!

The first rehearsal is January 8th at EPAC.

Endicott Performing Arts Center is funded by a General Operating Support Grant from the United Cultural Fund program of Broome County Arts Council

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