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CAST LIST ANNOUNCEMENT, "The Addams Family" EPAC Repertory Co. 2023

The EPAC Repertory Company is pleased to present the cast list of characters for "The Addams Family" a new musical comedy. Congratulations to everyone who auditioned. Please confirm the acceptance of your role by commenting, emailing or calling EPAC. Thank you!

The Addams Family Cast List:

Gomez Addams – Dustin VanTassel

Morticia Addams – Adriana Kabat

Uncle Fester – Josh Wilburn

Grandma – Paula Bacorn

Wednesday Addams – Alex VanTassel

Pugsley Addams – Kyle Whitman

Lurch – Joe Bergeron

Mal Beineke – Jarod Hinton

Alice Beineke – Morgan Gostinski

Lucas Beineke – Peyton Smith

The Addams Ancestors – Patrick Kerley, Madison Burton, Tabitha Holland, Khala Hurd, Wendy Germond, Jesse Snaith, Megan Howland, Peter McCabe, Jill Southee-Kabat, Angela Klawiter, Deb Mallen, Samantha Gurn, Ash Indelicato, Nikki Indelicato, Alex Park, Asher VanTassel, Jack Carr, Bryan Burke, Andrea Gregori, Jana Kucera, Matt Gaska, Angelique Ortiz-Kane

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