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Elijah Edwards, Stage Hypnotist is coming to EPAC Saturday, October 15th at 8pm

Elijah Edwards stage show is tasteful, elegant and combines the nuances of world class magic and illusion with hypnosis and mentalism. A trusted and professional entertainer who makes magical memories!

Performing magic from the 6th grade, to his introduction to Stage Hypnosis 39 years ago, he has refined his skills as an elite mentalist, hypnotist and illusionist. He has earned a wide array of certifications including Master Clinical Hypnotherapist and is a Certified Life Strategist/Coach. He is mentored by the worlds leading veteran, international stage hypnotist, Michael C Anthony. Elijah Edwards is an elite member of Stage Hypnosis University. He brings the feel of a “Vegas” show to smaller groups and venues, and truly believes that your subconscious mind has the most uplifting and unlimited potential, once you visualize what it’s capable of in an unforgettable hilarious extravaganza of entertainment.

The show actually begins, when YOU reach out, so LET’s DO THIS!

Elijah Edwards show features interactive group fun, non-offensive humor, music, amazement and more. By using ultra-safe, state-of-the-art hypnotic suggestion, volunteers will be put into a relaxing trance state.

The night of the show, Elijah will be asking who’s ready to be hypnotized and doing some close up magic or mentalism.

Before he even walks on stage…The excitement is like no other entertainment!

Elijah will then take the stage and engage the entire audience with fun and amazing demonstrations of the power of imagination. He will give a brief Introduction and short explanation of what hypnosis is and is not.

Then, he will call for volunteers. He will do several entertaining fun suggestibility tests and as, he does, he will ask a few members on the stage to return to their seats, leaving only the absolute best and most motivated volunteers.

(Safety of all volunteers is always paramount)

The volunteers will then be guided into a natural, safe and relaxing hypnotic induction. From there, the volunteers will….OK, I DON’T WANT TO SPOIL IT…But your group will see and do things that are totally unexplainable…Like…several people not being able to pick up Elijah’s hammer, but then the most petite, raise’s it above their heads…They will see someone repeat the same hypnotic illusion that started Elijah into hypnosis…As a group they will take a fun-filled trip to the most beautiful beaches, they will meet and BECOME movie star’s, sing as if they were world class performers…

Elijah will do all the classic OLD SCHOOL hypnosis show theme’s…And much, much more.

Elijah will have the audience laughing, applauding and encouraging their friends on stage.

Elijah Edwards is coming to the EPAC stage

Saturday, October 15th at 8pm

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