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EPAC 2022: Annual Charitable Donation and Sponsorships

Over the past 24 years, EPAC has: Renovated and Operated out of the 105 year old “Lyric Theater” in Endicott, NY. To provide a means for thousands of community members to gain education about all aspects of the performing arts, while presenting a diverse array of affordable high quality performing arts events to our community. EPAC typically attracts over 20,000 people to the Arts Center every year, as well as hundreds of people to the outdoor “Stage at Little Italy” with its annual Shakespeare in the Park event at the George W. Johnson Park.

EPAC has been able to make a difference in our community for many years.

Except for recently, when the Coronavirus Pandemic caused EPAC to shut its doors for the first time in over 20 years. EPAC cancelled many LIVE EVENTS during the shut down, and has been working very hard to Re-OPEN its doors to live audiences at FULL CAPACITY.

EPAC created a new on-line platform called EPAC DIGITAL, that allows the organization to continue its mission while expanding its audience. This new Video Streaming System allows audiences from around the world to experience EPAC productions from the comfort of their own homes.

EPAC Digital produces full LIVE Streaming theatrical productions, On-Demand video content, as well as pre-recorded EPAC Puppet Shows for children. The On-line Digital Platform will continue to help EPAC "Create Magic" by live streaming all EPAC productions from now on.

EPAC is now fully recovered, and can go into the next year Confidently, with the NEW EPAC DIGITAL MARQUEE that will finally be installed in January 2022! The new Marquee will help promote and advertise EPAC Programs as well as local businesses that make the community a better place to live.

It is all made possible with the support of our Donors, Sponsors and Patrons. In that spirit, we ask you to please support EPAC’s efforts this upcoming season with a gift to our Annual Appeal. Your charitable donation will assist us in preserving this over 100 year-old regional landmark theater, and continue to provide our community with high quality performing arts at an affordable price, ON-LINE and LIVE in Person!

You are cordially invited to join us for EPAC’s 2022 Theatrical Season. This year, we’re producing full scale LIVE and Virtual productions (Feb.—Dec.) That’s In Person and On-Line performances your company will be advertising its services with us! Free Program Books will be given out digitally and in person to EPAC audience members. A great way to advertise your business locally and show your community support of the arts! You will receive complimentary tickets to EPAC performances based on your ad size.

2022 EPAC Sponsorship Package/Benefits 2022

Sponsoring the entire EPAC 2022 Season provides your company the unique marketing opportunity to continuously showcase your company and products to an estimated 25,000+ people who enter through our doors and VISIT our Website for shows, rehearsals, meetings and classes annually.

The Annual marketing benefits your Company gains depend on the type of Sponsorship Package you select.

General Operating Support is provided to the Endicott Performing Arts Center by a grant from the Broome County Arts Council's United Cultural Fund

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