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EPAC Audition Results: The Music Man CAST LIST

The EPAC Repertory Company is PROUD to announce "The Music Man" CAST LIST

Congratulations to all who auditioned!

Professor Harold Hill: Matt Gaska

Marion Paroo: Jana Kucera

Marcella Washburn: Alexandra Yeager

Mrs. Paroo: Michelle Thompson

Mayor Shinn: Kevin Yeager

Eulalie Shinn: Andrea Gregori

Zaneeta Shinn: Natalie Ehrensbeck

Tommy Djilas: Kyle Santi

Winthrop: Kyle Whitman

Amyrillis: Isabelle Kogut

Gracie Shinn: Sophia Kocick

Charlie Cowell & Additional: Yancy Moore

Salesman & Additional: Frank Parsons

Ensemble: Katie Phykitt, Angela Klawiter, Kim Ross, Kelly Soprano, H.L. Schenker, Dawn Gould, Jean Graham, Wendy Germond, Deb Mallen

Kids Ensemble: Julia McComiskey, Tabitha Holland, Rachel Thompson, Lydia Thompson

Pick a Little Ladies and other individual parts will be assigned as rehearsals start.

CONFIRM acceptance of ROLE and JOIN the ‘EPAC Music Man’ Face Book Group for REHEARSAL DETAILS

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1 Comment

Kevin Yeager
Kevin Yeager
Jun 03, 2020

I accept role in Music Man.

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