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EPAC CAST LIST: Nutcracker 2021

Congratulations to the EPAC Cast of Nutcracker 2021!

Clara – Maria Foti

Fritz – Shane Palmer

The Maid – Penny Merrick

The Grandmother – Wendy Germond

The Toy Soldier Doll – Zoe Asquith

The Jester Doll – Tabitha Holland

The Ballerina Doll – Lucia Foti

Mother Ginger – Michelle Colburn

The Rat King: Kate Fabrizio

The Nutcracker: Madison Burton

Mr. & Mrs. Staumbaum – Joe & Emily Foti

The Parents: Wendy Stafford, Will Stafford, Sara Holland, Lynette Whitman, Lori Asquith, Julie Feheley, Laura Ansbro-Brown, Chris Szachta, Rosalie McNally, Seraphina Blasich, Sergio Harris, and John E. Cook

Party Girls: Caelyn Szachta, Millie Feheley, Madeline Dyer, Amelia Moore, Emma Whalen, Ella Brown, and Shealy Haskett

Party Boys: Sean Fowler, Benny Stafford, Billy Stafford, Sophie Colburn, Lucille Singleton, and Anastasia Fish

Angels: Morly Ansbro-Brown, Vasia Asquith, Elliott Merrick, Cora Pulse, Erin Fish, Sophia Swan, and Lucy Swan

Soldiers: Matthew Recu, Kateri Fish, Eleanor Fish, Ava Merrick, Victoria Schertzer, Isabella Delgado, Shane Palmer, Sean Fowler, Benny Stafford, and Billy Stafford

Rats and Polichinelles: Matthew Whitman, Braydon Willette, Mason Dzuba, Asher Kurtz, Dominic Cancel, Kate McGowan, Mariah Davis, Daniel Fish, and Olivia Brace

Thank you for your participation! The first rehearsal is Saturday, November 6th at 10am, at EPAC.

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