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'Man of La Mancha' Audition Results: Cast List Posted!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021


Miguel de Cervantes (Don Quixote and Alonso Quijana) – Brad Morgan

Aldonza (Dulcinea) – Andrea Gregori

Antonia (Alonso’s niece) – Jana Kucera

Fermina (Moorish Girl dancer) – Stefanie Willette

Maria (Innkeeper’s wife) – Deb Mallen

Housekeeper (employee of Alonso) – Michelle Kerley-Thomas

Sancho Panza (manservant) – Matt Gaska

Barber Rick Barton

PadreChris Pellicano

Dr. Sanson Carrasco (Knight of the Mirrors and Duke) – Mark Roth

Innkeeper and GovernorRick Kumpon

Captain of the Inquisition (played by a prisoner) – Frank Parsons


Jose – David Petrolle

Tenorio – Steve Taylor

Paco – Wendy Germond

Juan – Kellan Sisco

Anselmo – Caleb Parks

Pedro – Mike Clark

Director: Pat Foti

Musical Director: Paula Bacorn

Choreographer: Andy Shaul

Congratulations to the cast of 'Man of La Mancha'! Please accept your role by commenting to this post or emailing EPAC at The first rehearsal will be August 17th, 2021 at EPAC.

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