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13 February 2018

ENDICOTT, NY – The Endicott Performing Arts Center, a non-profit community theater and performance school, has received a pledge of substantial support from M&T Bank. During a recent tour of the Robert Eckert Theater, Regional President Peter Newman and Vice President of Business Banking Carl Speicher committed to substantial support in continuing the mission of the Endicott Performing Arts Center.

Known as EPAC, the Endicott Performing Arts Center provides a variety of programming, including productions ranging from Broadway-style musicals to straight plays. A number of groups are organized to perform and produce these shows, including the Repertory Company, Kids’ Theater Workshop, Shakespeare in the Park, The Lyric Performers, A Time to Pretend, and more. Performers come from all across the Southern Tier or New York, and Northern Tier of Pennsylvania to participate in the many programs offered by EPAC.

EPAC resides in the original building of the Lyric Theater, built in 1917 as a Vaudeville theater. Since that time, countless donations of time, materials, and money have resulted in substantial improvements to the building, including café restoration, rehearsal spaces, classroom spaces, and guest areas. Future plans require additional support, such as a new marquee and a new back stage fly system for productions like “Peter Pan”.

“We are so grateful for all of our community business partners. This commitment from M&T Bank is not only very generous, but it is very timely,” said EPAC Executive Director Patrick Foti. “We are at a time of great opportunity here in Endicott, and we believe that our efforts here, as well as those of the local businesses, will help restore Downtown Endicott to the vibrant, welcoming environment that Endicott wants. EPAC is a major part of that revitalization.”

Sponsors of EPAC can contribute this amazing community asset in a variety of meaningful ways, including monetary contributions, volunteer hours, and in-kind support. EPAC is known for the largest Kids’ Theater Workshops in the region, as well as dozens of theatrical and music events throughout the year. Contributions help continue program development that brings the arts to the youth and adults of our community.

To learn more:

Endicott Performing Arts Center - Robert Eckert Theater

102 Washington Ave. Endicott, NY 13760

EPAC (607)785-8903

The mission of EPAC is to promote the arts to the public through various artistic mediums such as musicals, plays, children and adult theater workshops, concerts, and performing arts instruction. EPAC's vision is the continued restoration of the Historical "Lyric" theater which was built in 1917 through the offering of artistic mediums to local community, schools, groups, and associations for theatrical performances, educational purposes, special events and training programs. EPAC also strives to continually provide the highest quality musical theater, comedy, dance, and dramatic theater experiences, by promoting an ethnically diverse array of local artists and talent in order to expand the artistic horizons and experiences of the local community. EPAC will continue to be guided by its principles and commitments to inclusiveness, respecting people, valuing diversity, and equality.

The Endicott Performing Arts Center is funded in part by a General Operating Support Grant from the United Cultural Fund, a program of the Broome County Arts Council.

Thank you 2017 United Cultural Fund Campaign Contributors!

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