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CAST LIST Announcement, "CHICAGO", EPAC Rep. Co.

The EPAC Repertory Company is pleased to announce the Cast List for Chicago the musical. Congratulations to all who auditioned for this great production! Please confirm your acceptance by commenting, emailing, or calling EPAC.

Chicago Cast List:

Velma Kelly- Alex VanTassel

Roxie Hart- Jean Graham

Billy Flynn- Matt Gaska

Matron “Mama” Morton- Melissa Neufer

Mary Sunshine- Michelle Thompson

Amos- Connor Gates

Mona- Mari Perez

Go-To-Hell-Kitty- Olivia Wilmot

Annie- Rene Neville

June- Marla Wilson

Hunyak- Helen Litavec

Liz- Emily Foti


Male Ensemble: Jesse Snaith, Nick Hinson, Garett Mowatt, Jarod Hinton, Scott Newman, Mike Ferguson, Mavi McAuley

Female Ensemble: Lucia Foti, Myesha Turner, Sara Holland, Lynette Whitman, Tabitha Holland, Lauren Culp, Nicole Carstens, Nia Been, Nico Mini, Lori Asquith

Congratulations to the cast of CHICAGO!

The first rehearsal is February 25th at EPAC.

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