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EPAC CAST LIST Announcement, Burlesque 12: After Midnight

Thank you to all who auditioned for this years production. We had a very difficult task of choosing this cast based on the large number of talented people who auditioned.

Burlesque 12: After Midnight

Director: Andy Bailey

Assistant Director: April Warner


Andy Bailey, April Warner, Tanya Morris, Linda Monaco, Kim Ross, Susan Schneider

Cast List:

Alex VanTassel

Amanda Kerilla

Antonio Frallicciardi

Brandon Allen

Brooke Telesk

Bryan Field

Candace Phelan

Caren Hill

Christina Olevano

Emily Witman

Jacalyn Westcott

Jamie Bamberger

Jean Graham

Jen Kushner

Jenna Szczepanski

Jessica McManamon

Jordann Monaco

Josey Milligan

Lily Creech

Mel Robinson

Melissa Neufer

Mikayla Wright

Mikey Carlson

Natalie Sterns

Nico Minni

Nikki Bates

Sara Holland

Saralyn Lee

Theresa Tassone

Victoria Eberly

First rehearsal is this Sunday, February 18th 10:00am - 2:00pm

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