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The EPAC Repertory Company is calling ALL performers to Submit a Video Recording to participate in the EPAC VIRTUAL Christmas Extravaganza 2020!!!

We're looking for local performers to video record themselves at home or on location. Christmas Songs, Dances, Poems, Short Stories, Theatrical Skits, Scenes or anything Holiday Related to entertain us during this Special Time of Year. Of course Christmas Classics are welcome!

The EPAC Venue is available for video recording. Please call EPAC ASAP if you would like to record your performance on the EPAC stage for this Virtual Event.

Video Submission Deadline: December 13th

To Submit your Video Performance please email your file to

or drop off your hard copy at EPAC during normal business hours. Call for details.

EPAC VIRTUAL Christmas 2020

VIDEO On-Demand Dates: December 17th–January 3rd, 2021!

To Schedule Video Recording session at EPAC, by Appointment ONLY, call (607)785-8903 or email:

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Aladin Best
Aladin Best
Nov 24, 2020

I like the valuable information you provide in your articles.


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