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EPAC Rep. Co. CAST LIST for 'Legally Blonde the musical'

Thank you to all who auditioned for this Summer EPAC production. We had a very difficult time choosing this cast based on the large number of talented people who auditioned.

LEGALLY BLONDE the musical

Director: Patrick Foti

Choreographer: Andrew Bailey

Musical Director: Alex VanTassel

Cast List:

Elle Woods- Khala Hurd

Emmett Forrest- Jonathan Zareski

Paulette Buonafonte- Michelle Thompson

Professor Callahan- Connor Gates

Warner Huntington III- Patrick Kerley

Vivienne Kensington- Emma Richman

Brooke Wyndham- Marla Wilson

Margot- Natalie Barrows

Serena- Lior Sulzynski

Pilar- Jenna Vandervort

Kate- Taylor Hagquist

Leilani- Michelle Zebrowski

Kyle B. O’Boyle- Dustin Hirthler

Enid Hoops- Ash Indelicato

Grandmaster Chad- Peyton Smith

Sundeep Padamadan- Scott Newman

Aaron Schultz- Ryan Hilary

Whitney- Sam Gurn

Chutney Wyndham- Lydia Thompson

Elle’s Mom- Nikki Indelicato

Elle’s Dad- Jarod Hinton

Dewey- RJ Lucas

Nikos Argitakos- Jackson Bailey

Carlos- Andy Bailey

Ensemble- Peter McCabe, Marcus Cornell, Reed Cook, Lindsay Cupelo, Tabitha Holland, Sasana Roberto, Lauren Culp, Myesha Turner, Nicole Carstens, Fedeline Jean-Philippe, Sara Holland

Please accept your role by contacting EPAC via email, phone or social media.

The First rehearsal is Sunday, June 9th (2:00pm - 6:00pm) at EPAC


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I accept - Peter McCabe

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