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Audition Results: "Elf: The Musical"

Cast of Characters

Santa Claus – Alex Ernst

Buddy – Alex Griffin

Elf #1 – Jaidyn Ericksen-Hrehor

Elf #2 – Bella Indelicato

Elf #3 – Lauren Aiken

Elf #4 – Hope Riale

Elf #5 – Isabella Kogut

Charlie – Caden Della Penta

Shawanda – Leah Requier

Elves – Faith Stevens, Jordyn Ericksen-Hrehor, Lola Montemagno, Sullivan Rockwell, Kyle Santi, Lucia Foti, Mariska Schild, Carla Schild, Isabella Silvestri, Colleen McGuinness, Rania Mathias, Saralena Leeson-Schatz

Walter Hobbs – Mackinaw Shutt

Emily Hobbs – Bridgette Ernst

Michael Hobbs – Jamison MacNamee

Sam / Finale Soloist #3 – Scott Newman

Deb / Finale Soloist #4 – Jenna Patrick

Jovie – Nikki Indelicato

The Manager – Jacob Ernst

Fake Santa / Finale Soloist #2 – Fisher Sullivan

Santa’s Helper – Jerry Ciaravino

Business Woman / Finale Soloists #1 – Hannah Brink

Sarah – Jada Newman

Mr. Greenway – Nate Evans

Charlotte Dennon – Rachel Galet

Darlene Lambert – Isis Minni

Emma Van Brocklin – Mikaela Sepulveda

Sales Woman – Corrina Rouff

Macy’s Employee #1 – Jay Goga

Security Guard #1 – Ethan Kaurin

Security Guard #2 – Cameron Cole

Comforting New Yorker – Abigail Vantol

Teenager – Nicole Molino

A Special Thank You to all adults who auditioned. MTI denied our special request to cast anyone over the age of 18. We hope you will consider being involved in some other capacity.

Thank you to all who auditioned. Please confirm your acceptance by calling or emailing EPAC, 607-785-8903,

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