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EPAC Kids Audition during workshop, Feb. 26th, 27th, and March 3rd

The EPAC Kids Theater will be holding auditions for The Wizard of Oz during their workshop hours, Monday, Feb. 26th, Tuesday, Feb. 27th and Saturday, March 3rd. These auditions are for students enrolled in this workshop only. If a student is going to miss one of these audition dates they can schedule an audition after one of these workshop dates. Audition Dates ( 2/26, 2/27, 3/3). All conflicts need to be submitted prior to auditions. Conflicts will effect casting, based on how many conflict dates and which dates conflict. All students will be cast, and all parts are crucial to the success of the production. The audition results and all cast parts will be announced in the workshop prior to public release. Thank you

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