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SUMMER TEEN ACTING WORKSHOP - Registration period (5/1-6/25)

This workshop is a three week Acting Camp, where the students attend classes to improve and embrace their acting abilities. Teens will collaborate with each other and instructors to choose, stage, and choreograph scenes and selections from different plays and musicals; and even write their own scenes with the guidance of EPAC Instructors, Matt Gaska and Dustin Hirthler. By working together, they will be devising and creating an entirely original piece of performance art from scratch. This is an intensive workshop with an emphasis on acting training as well as artistic individualism. The teens will have the opportunity to showcase what they have created with performances held at EPAC.

This is truly a collaborative process where students will work side by side with EPAC's resident acting instructors Matt Gaska and Dustin Hirthler to make something out of nothing. Both Dustin and Matt have years of collegiate and professional experience in collaborative and devised theatre.

This is a great opportunity for Teens to learn about the many facets of performance art. Taking a look at the other side of producing theatrical art by actually staging and choreographing scenes from shows of their own choosing will allow them to take a more hands on approach to their future theatrical aspirations. These teens will be lucky enough to work and create in the historic 1917 Lyric Theater while taking advantage of the professional instruction and mentoring offered by EPAC.

"Don't wait for opportunity to knock, you must go knocking"

The Teen Workshop is a three week theatre workshop starting June 25th, where the students attend classes Mondays thru Fridays 9am to 1pm at the Endicott Performing Arts Center.


(Workshop Dates are June 25 - July 13)

Tuition for the Teen Theatre Workshop is $210 per student.

To Register call (607)785-8903 or visit:

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