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"Croaker" Audition RESULTS (Cast List)

“CROAKER” The Frog Prince Musical


Princess Acrimonia – Jessica Kennis

Croaker – Timothy Dreher

Queen – Jenn Riale

King – Lou Ligouri

Royal Page – AJ Patrick

Ladies In Waiting – Madyson Page, Stefanie Jump, Jada Newman

Croakers Frog Posse – Corey Brady, Doug Harrington, Joe Foti

Disco Divas/Frog Ensemble – Leah Riquier, Sadie Dutcher, Hope Riale

Dark Spirits/Frog Ensemble –Lucia Foti, Kelly Jimenez, Hannah Pierce

Ensemble: (Servants, Cooks, Royal Attendants, etc.)

Nate Evans, Emma Grace Couch, Willow Wood, Payton Weiland, Alicia Harlost, Enlin Zhao, Ella Fish, Kateri Fish, Anastasia Fish, London Clapper, Shyla Jackson, Braydon Willette

Congratulations to all who auditioned. The first rehearsal will be at EPAC Monday, May 20th at 7pm. Please confirm acceptance of your role by commenting or emailing or calling EPAC at 607-785-8903, Thank you!

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