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Burlesque 9: 90’s Rewind Cast List

Congratulations and Thank You to everyone who came out, and auditioned!

Directors & Hosts: Andy Shaul & Jackson Bailey

Choreographers/Dancers: April Warner Youngs, Linda Monaco, Tanya Morris, Alery Patton, Mikey Carlson, Jessica Hyland & Jenny Delgado

Guest Choreographer: Kimberly Musser

Guest Performances: Jeanne Norton’s Senior Group, John Penird as Virginia Hamm

Cast List:

Lori Pickering, Kate Downing, Lydia Dozoretz, Shannah Hall, Connor DePofi, Marla Doan, Julia Adams, Tiffany Moulton, Felix Serafini, Shaquita Mazyck, Candace Phelan, Lily Creech, Donna Melfi, Mackenzie Mason, Alana Gregory, Nic Ruby, Emily Witman, Karissa Guilfoyle, Caren Hill, Mike McManamon, Jamie Cook, Nicole Firendino, Theresa Tassone, Carey Sue Davies, Jacalyn Westcott, Amanda Kerila, Sara Holland, Victoria Eberly, Natalie Sterns, Ian DuBois, Sheila Veninsky, Kim Ross, Jeralyn Foster

Soloists & Rehearsal Schedule will be handed out at the FIRST rehearsal on Wednesday February 19th, 8-10pm in the 3rd Floor Dance Studio at EPAC.

Rehearsals will be held Wednesday Evenings from 8-10pm, Friday’s 7-9pm & Sundays (Starting March 29th) 2-6pm.

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