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Audition Results: EPAC Christmas Show, 2022 Cast List

Congratulations to the Cast of "EPAC Christmas Show" and Thank you to everyone who auditioned!

PLEASE accept your ROLE by emailing EPAC ( or commenting on-line, 'I Accept'.

CAST LIST: 2022 “EPAC Christmas Show”

Dustin VanTassel

Matt Gaska

Dustin Hirthler

Will Stafford

Josh Wilburn

Scott Newman

Kellan Sisco Marcus Cornell

Sean Fowler

Billy Stafford

Benny Stafford

Shane Palmer

Asher VanTassel

AJ Patrick

Nikki Indelicato

Tabitha Holland

Kimberly Merlino

Kateri Fish

Izzy Delgado

Alateya Russell

Holly Boone

Alex Duff Hansen

Brittany June

Laurie Balaci

Deb Mallen

Kate Fabrizio

Wendy Stafford

Nico Minni

Rehearsals will begin on Monday, Oct. 24th (7pm-9pm)

Performance dates are December 2nd - 4th, 2022

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