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Congratulations to The EPAC TEEN Intensive CAST of "Firebringer"!

EPAC is excited to announce the CAST LIST of "Firebringer", a new stone age musical! Congratulations to all the TEENs who auditioned for this EPAC TEEN Intensive Workshop.

Zazzalil - Maria Foti

Jemilla - Ash Indelicato

Keeri - Kit Fish

Molag - Marcus Cornell

Emberly - Eleanor Geake

Grunt - Hudson Webb

Schwoopsie - Marla Pane-Bordenet

Ducker - Kevin Decker

Tiblyn - Emma Moulton

Smelly-Butt - Noah Miller

Chorn - Paige Testa

Clark - Ben Stewart-Rynone

Snarl - Christopher Segrue

Tribe: Payton Weiland, Robin Rodrigues, Zoe Morreale, Ari Boyle

Additional Tribe (Ensemble) Roles: TBD

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